North Brewing Co – Island In Space

5.5% Sour Ale – 440 ml can – North Brewing Co (Leeds, United Kingdom).

The beer in the glass is almost as eye-catching as the funky can itself – a translucent, apple-juice-coloured, green-yellow liquid. Some gentle carbonation floats towards a thin, white head.

A pleasant aroma of lemon sherbet and Granny Smith apples primes the taste buds for refreshment. A touch of caramelised almond takes the edge off the sourness. New world hops complement the tang with mellow tangerine, peach, raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry. This brings the beer to a malty, yet pine-laden, thirst-quenching finish.

Its light body and fine effervescence add to this sour’s refreshment, without compromising its silky mouthfeel.

A really pleasant, well-balanced, complex and refreshing sour.


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